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Sep 05, 2021 · A Vampire is an Undead Aristocrat, they embody all the worst forms of the aristocracy / nobility coupled with undead power. A Lich is an Immortalist. They have embraced undeath as a path to immortality. Often they are powerful wizards because they need a lot of arcane power to transform from mortal to immortal.
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Liches can live for millennia while vampires mere hundreds of centuries. A vampire was once a human but a Lich was always a lich. Even in the case of vampires born directly from a Lich and a human do not have the same lifespan and powers as a Lich due to the genetics of a Lich being watered down by the human DNA.
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In 3.5e, a vampire cannot become a lich. Only humanoids (and some other creatures, such as specific aberration and monstrous humanoid races) can become liches, and vampires have the "undead" type, not the "humanoid" type. I would allow the vampire a Fortitude save; if they pass, the ritual fails. If they fail, they die.
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Sep 07, 2021 · As an alternative to a vampirey Lich, you can have a Lichy Vampire. A immortal undead spellcaster thats charismatic and social in place of one who isolates in a tower. Maybe teaches in an academy and bangs the hot students on the side, and them maybe has accidents happen to the students he dislikes. Logged BoxCrayonTales Hero Member B Posts: 2222
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A vampire is just a lich with a drinking problem 4 level 2 VinoAzulMan · 18d After many years a lich begins to regret their decision and seek ways to regain a fraction of the humanity they have lost. One such way is blood rituals, the consumption of blood, which pinkens the flesh and aggravates their self-loathing.
Can a Vampire become a Lich? 3.5e : DungeonsAndDragons…
In 3.5 there is a class called Dread Necromancer. Introduced in the Heros of Horrors, at 20th level you gain Lich transformation. So could a vampire become a 20th level Dread Necromancer and become a lich? The class ability say "When a dead necromancer attains 20th level, she undergoes a hideous transformation and becomes a lich.
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Oct 31, 2002 · Magic Rub is right, a Lich can eventually become a Demi-Lich, which can be truley terrifying. But a Vampire can become a Vampire Lord, getting flying with Perfect manuverability, more negative levels drained, 10/+3 DR, 8 Fast Healing, Telekinesis at will(OUCH!), even higher stats, and negation of many vampire weaknesses. One of these …
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Aug 22, 2013 · The theory is that Molag Bal is basicly faster than a Vampire who wants to become a Lich (of course only if Molag Bal really does claim a Vampires soul after death). A person who wants to become a Lich has to transfer his/her soul into a phylactery, and after the process is done, the person’s body dies. If a Vampire would do that, Molag Bal would "steal" …
Can somebody be both a vampire and a lich? : DnD – reddit
To become a vampire you must be alive and be drained by a vampire (some other conditions may apply depending on your DM, such as burial not in a hallowed ground). Liches are undead so cannot be drained by a vampire. Liches start out alive, and do a mega ritual to become a lich, vampires are undead so cannot perform the ritual.

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